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My name is Daniël and I live in The Netherlands. I am born on 3-10-1989 (28 years old) and I have a wife and a son. Since gaming is something I am really passioned about, I wanted to start writing about my experiences. So here is my website. I hope you enjoy it or maybe learn something from it. Also I aim to make guides for people. But first, get some people to find me.

I've no specific genre of games I'd like to play or anything like that, I love gaming and trying different games. Therefor there is a whole list of games I have in my possesion.

The name of the site (Daaruman) is my primary name for gaming. Way back we where playing videogames in a internet cafe and I needed a nickname which would be displayed on the scoreboard. At that time a friend gave me the name 'Daaruman'. This was when I was like 12 years old and never changed it since then. Sometimes you do need several games because of multiple accounts or characters in the same game. So the name Daaru was born. Several months later I came up with Nazgül, from Lord of the Rings, and Nazgarath.

Here is a list of names I use for gaming (order is based on mostly used to less used):

  1. Daaruman
  2. Daaru
  3. Nazgül
  4. Nazgarath
  5. Danïel
  6. Duura
  7. Adaru

I'd like to interact with you during gaming and there are several ways to interact.

Want to know what my gaming gear is at this moment? See the 'Hardware' page.